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Your hair has never experienced
anything like it. 

We use products such as:


Our services

True beauty comes from within and is reflected in our self-care. 

Taking care of the body, mind and soul is essential for your wellbeing and having a balanced,healthy lifestyle. So, don't hesitate to dedicate time for yourself, nourishing your inner and outer beauty through healthy habits, self-love and an incredible experience with 
Zago Hair.

- Gisele Gofman, happy client 

​Flavia is a very talented hair coach. Besides being an amazing professional, she is extremely careful with her clients. She hears the customers wants, and due to her vast experience, she always gives ideas that result in high level of satisfaction of her customers. She’s an expert about transformation and recovering hair. She’s a differentiated professional, and makes me happy every time I visit Zago’s Salon!
I strongly recommend Flavia Zago
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